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Our polygraph examiners are trained and experienced in employment, criminal, investigative and counter-intelligence polygraph examinations. We are also able to provide polygraph examinations relating to domestic and civil related issues. We have polygraph examiners certified by the American Polygraph Association, the Florida Polygraph Association, and the American Association of Police Polygraphists. Our polygraph examiners are graduates of the  American International Institute of Polygraph, and are qualified by the American Polygraph Association to conduct Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT).  Our examiners are certified and experienced to international standards, and maintain their credentials and certifications as a commitment to their high level of credibility and expertise. Our examiners are experienced law enforcement polygraph examiners who have conducted criminal polygraphs related to cases involving homicides, aggravated battery, capital sexual battery, sexual battery, armed robbery, thefts, and making false statements, among other criminal offenses.

Greater London Risk Management Services Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office

We are trained and experienced at providing background and professional standards investigations, employment vetting services, and security clearances upon completion of an extensive investigation, including polygraph examination. We have staff available to work with our clients in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and around the world.  Our staff is comprised of active and retired law enforcement professionals, with extensive backgrounds in polygraph, interview and interrogations, and employment vetting. Our staff have advanced certifications in crisis management, terrorism response, and risk management mitigation to determine your organisations vulnerabilities. Our staff are current members of the National Internal Affairs Investigator's Association.

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